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Widgets are a simple tool for conversion increase.

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Travel Form

Convenient selection of tickets and tours for your visitors.


Widgets are a simple tool for conversion increase.
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Cityads offices are located all across the globe, except Antarctica, opening up great opportunities to work in all parts of the world, unless you are a penguin obviously.

Making money is easy!

How it works
Making money with affiliate programs is easy. CityAds provides publishers with a wide range of most profitable affiliate program offers. Working with us, you can easily increase the revenue you get on your websites.

Making money with affiliate programs is easy


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CityAds provides publishers with a wide range of most profitable affiliate program offers.

Working with us, you can easily increase the revenue you get on your websites.

CityAds is a global CPA-network offering you:

  • Access to a variety of affiliate programs from more than 1000 advertisers from all around the world;
  • Opportunity to earn up to $35 000 a day on affiliate programs;
  • Offers in 5 major verticals: game industry, finance, e-commerce, mobile, travelling;
  • High-end Big Data based tools;
  • High-quality promotional materials that will attract your customers;
  • Responsive support;
  • Detailed and transparent statistics;
  • Fair payments every two weeks.

CityAds is more than just affiliate programs for publishers. We are one of the leading platforms in our field. Having worked with affiliate programs for seven years, we have accumulated vast experience in CPA marketing.

Even if you have never worked with affiliate programs before, our support staff is always ready to answer any of your questions and offer the affiliate offers that will help you to get the highest revenue.

CityAds is the perfect choice for a publisher:

  • We share our knowledge and resources, helping you to make decent money on your websites;
  • We provide publishers with all the necessary technologies and tools to maximize your earnings;
  • We guarantee fair payments without long delays, unlike other affiliate networks.

Earn with affiliate programs in CityAds.

To get started you need to sign up as a publisher and get access to the offers provided by our advertisers from all around the world. Then select programs best suiting your websites' purpose and audience. After that, all you need to do is to place ads and get a commission for every customer you acquire for the advertiser. To increase the conversion, you can use the smart tools provided by CityAds.

To increase your CPA revenue, CityAds has developed proprietary cutting-edge tools. Using these tools, every publisher can monetize their website and make decent money. We use Web Retargeting and Bid Data analysis to show users only what they really need and what interests them most, ensuring high sales.

Web Retargeting. Retargeting reminds users about the goods they have previously viewed but not bought. Up to 70% of such users return to the online store and make a purchase.

Email Retargeting. Our Email Platform sends out personalized emails to users reminding them of their "abandoned carts" and viewed products.

Dynamic Pages. A user who visits a dynamic page sees the content generated specifically based on their interests.

Live Product Base is a real-time catalog of online products. Using it, you can easily create an online storefront, a price comparison website or an aggregator of goods and services.

Banner Rotator. The system automatically generates and displays banners that would be most interesting to the user.

Feeds or coupon and goods uploads. Feeds also use the retargeting technology, showing the most interesting the products for the user.

Join our community and get a decent income with affiliate programs. Sign up to the CityAds CPA network and start earning on your website today.

Our offers

CPA Network Opportunities

Affiliate system offers a great variety of opportunities for advertisers and publishers.
CPA (Cost Per Action) marketing is one of the most efficient types of online advertising.

Email Platform

High-end Email Platform: One of the key solutions of CityAds affiliate network.
Citymailings is an Email Platform for advertisers. It is one of the most sophisticated CityAds tools. The platform will help you to build-up a complete email marketing cycle.

Why CityAds?

Start working with CityAds today.

The CityAds CPA network is one of the largest affiliate networks with customers all around the world. We offer you the advantages of classic affiliate marketing and our unique proprietary solutions based on big data.

CityAds in numbers and facts:

  • We've been working as an affiliate CPA network since 2010 and know all the peculiarities of this field;
  • 1,300 advertisers, 150,000 publishers, 200,000 websites and thousands of mobile applications working with us;
  • Visitors to our advertising websites perform more than 250,000 targeted actions per day, over 23,000,000 views and 17,000,000 clicks;
  • We offer affiliate programs in five verticals of our CPA network: games, finance, e-commerce, mobile, travel;
  • In each vertical, we provide from 3 000 to 20 000 conversions per day;
  • Publisher's daily earnings in our CPA network reach up to $35,000;
  • To increase the efficiency of advertising campaigns, we've collected information on 375,000,000 unique users from 17 billion data collection points;
  • Our affiliate network offers cutting-edge tools to boost conversion.

CityAds is the only affiliate program network using their proprietary DMP to advertising targeting even more accurate. This system collects and processes data from a huge number of websites, allowing you to attract the attention of your target audience and motivate them to perform targeted actions. This data includes:

    How do CPA affiliate networks work?

    The affiliate system is the meeting place for publishers and advertisers. Publishers (or webmasters) provide websites for advertising and receive a stable income. Advertisers place their offers (affiliate programs), paying only for targeted actions users perform. CityAds solves all organizational issues, provides technical integration and financial interaction within the CPA network.

    Advantages of the CityAds affiliate network:

    For advertisers:

    • Huge audience reach: our CPA network includes more than 200,000 verified websites from all around the world;
    • Payment by result will optimize your advertising budget;
    • Targeting of the highest accuracy thanks to intelligent proprietary technologies;
    • Ability to manage advertising campaigns and track conversion in real time;
    • Services on preparing advertising campaigns and promotional materials for your affiliate program;
    • A personal account manager to help you resolve all issues in the affiliate system;
    • Unlike many other CPA affiliate networks, we offer protection from cheating and fraud.

    For publishers:

    • Access to a huge number of affiliate programs (offers) from all around the world;
    • On-time payments every two weeks;
    • A wide range of tools and solutions for maximum monetization;
    • Ability to cooperate with our CPA-network on individual terms;
    • Most transparent and detailed reporting;
    • Responsive support that will help you choose the most profitable affiliate programs for you to get the highest revenue.
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