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Recommendation system based on Big Data

Big Data in business is the sniper-like accuracy of your advertising. We offer your business to increase the advertising accuracy with the help of CityAds unique technology based on big data analysis.

Advertising calculated "for a wide audience" is too scattered and in most cases does not encourage users to immediately purchase the product. In business, as in sports, it is the result that matters, not the number of attempts. Targeted advertising is like the top goalscorer on the playing field, scoring a goal with every shot.

Accurate targeting based on the big data analysis is essential for online stores with a large selection of products. Advertising of the store itself is ineffective in this case. Users should see specific products that will attract their attention (for example, if they are related to their hobbies and interests, meet their needs and lifestyle). And modern big data technologies enable you to do this easily.

In CityAds, precise targeting is achieved through recommendation system that uses high-end proprietary solutions: the DMP platform that collects and analyzes data from 17 billion sources, and Live Product Base which is a constantly updated database of products presented on the net. The combination of these systems in a single technological complex ensures the maximum conversion of advertising materials.

Recommendation System

Using the CityAds recommendation system is the key to accurate ad targeting. It selects products for each user based on the data analysis of his or her interests, preferences and activity in online stores. As a result, each user sees the advertising banners with exactly the goods they are most likely to buy. The main source of data for this system is the DMP platform.

Solutions used in the recommendation system also include retargeting that reminds users about their incomplete orders and abandoned carts in online stores, or about the goods from their wishlist.

Big Data in business: sniper-like accuracy of your advertising.

DMP (Data Management Platform)

Data Management Platform (DMP) is a unique CityAds development unparalleled among other affiliate networks. In addition to information from the advertiser's website, it collects data from 17 billion sources, such as social networks, online adverts, search information, external providers and many other online and offline sources. By analyzing the collected data, the DMP-platform creates a detailed portrait of the most loyal and profitable customers for your business.

The DMP platform collects and analyzes the following data:

  • information on purchases, travel, financial services;
  • interests, preferences, lifestyle, social activity;
  • geo and demographic data.

Knowing the key characteristics of the users bringing to your business the main share of revenues, you will be able to attract exactly these people. The big data technology will help you get to know your target audience more closely, fine-tune your advertising campaign and get new profitable customers.

DMP-platform stores huge amounts of data for its email platform, recommendation system, Dynamic Creative Optimization system and analytics platform. Your business can use the full potential of the big data analysis technology for its advancement and development.

Live Product Database

The Live Product Base system is a huge and constantly updated database of millions of products sold on the Internet. Information is received only from the most reliable sources: XML-catalogs, HTML-parsers, DMP and browser plugins. Most popular products are updated once a day, and the top 10 are updated hourly.

In addition to collecting and analyzing products data, the LPB platform also structures it, bringing it to a common format. The system provides comprehensive information for each product: technical specifications, delivery conditions, availability in the store, etc.

With Live Product Database, you can:

  • Analyze the popularity of various goods and their categories;
  • Keep track of new trends;
  • Create websites and applications for working with online stores;
  • Increase customer loyalty to your business based on accurate data analysis.

Start advertising campaigns with a new level of accuracy. Sign up to the system as an advertiser and get an advantage with the help of large data analysis technology.


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Making money is easy!

How it works
Making money with affiliate programs is easy. CityAds provides publishers with a wide range of most profitable affiliate program offers. Working with us, you can easily increase the revenue you get on your websites.
Our offers

CPA Network Opportunities

Affiliate system offers a great variety of opportunities for advertisers and publishers.
CPA (Cost Per Action) marketing is one of the most efficient types of online advertising.

Email Platform

High-end Email Platform: One of the key solutions of CityAds affiliate network.
Citymailings is an Email Platform for advertisers. It is one of the most sophisticated CityAds tools. The platform will help you to build-up a complete email marketing cycle.

Why CityAds?

Start working with CityAds today.

The CityAds CPA network is one of the largest affiliate networks with customers all around the world. We offer you the advantages of classic affiliate marketing and our unique proprietary solutions based on big data.

CityAds in numbers and facts:

  • We've been working as an affiliate CPA network since 2010 and know all the peculiarities of this field;
  • 1,300 advertisers, 150,000 publishers, 200,000 websites and thousands of mobile applications working with us;
  • Visitors to our advertising websites perform more than 250,000 targeted actions per day, over 23,000,000 views and 17,000,000 clicks;
  • We offer affiliate programs in five verticals of our CPA network: games, finance, e-commerce, mobile, travel;
  • In each vertical, we provide from 3 000 to 20 000 conversions per day;
  • Publisher's daily earnings in our CPA network reach up to $35,000;
  • To increase the efficiency of advertising campaigns, we've collected information on 375,000,000 unique users from 17 billion data collection points;
  • Our affiliate network offers cutting-edge tools to boost conversion.

CityAds is the only affiliate program network using their proprietary DMP to advertising targeting even more accurate. This system collects and processes data from a huge number of websites, allowing you to attract the attention of your target audience and motivate them to perform targeted actions. This data includes:

    How do CPA affiliate networks work?

    The affiliate system is the meeting place for publishers and advertisers. Publishers (or webmasters) provide websites for advertising and receive a stable income. Advertisers place their offers (affiliate programs), paying only for targeted actions users perform. CityAds solves all organizational issues, provides technical integration and financial interaction within the CPA network.

    Advantages of the CityAds affiliate network:

    For advertisers:

    • Huge audience reach: our CPA network includes more than 200,000 verified websites from all around the world;
    • Payment by result will optimize your advertising budget;
    • Targeting of the highest accuracy thanks to intelligent proprietary technologies;
    • Ability to manage advertising campaigns and track conversion in real time;
    • Services on preparing advertising campaigns and promotional materials for your affiliate program;
    • A personal account manager to help you resolve all issues in the affiliate system;
    • Unlike many other CPA affiliate networks, we offer protection from cheating and fraud.

    For publishers:

    • Access to a huge number of affiliate programs (offers) from all around the world;
    • On-time payments every two weeks;
    • A wide range of tools and solutions for maximum monetization;
    • Ability to cooperate with our CPA-network on individual terms;
    • Most transparent and detailed reporting;
    • Responsive support that will help you choose the most profitable affiliate programs for you to get the highest revenue.
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