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Company history

Live product base


In 2013, CityAds grew as new programmers joined the staff. As a result, the team developed a unique solution - Live Product Base - a database with up-to-date information product availability and prices in online stores.

The network started to bring more than 51 million conversions a year, and the net profit was several million dollars. The year ended with a successful launch of a new office in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Optimizing processes


A new stage in the CityAds history started when new bright and talented people joined the team in 2016.

Having renewed its strategy focusing on developing its own product and optimizing all processes, CityAds managed to double its turnover in just one year and launched an office in Poland, opening the way for further promoting the company in Europe.

CityAds Media company history


In 2010, a group of young enthusiastic programmers launched their first project GameLeads specializing in promoting online games. In just a year the company grew beyond the gaming niche.

The renewed and expanded network was called CityAds, and in 2012 connected its 100th advertiser, reaching the number of 150 active advertising campaigns.

IT-Platform 2.0


In 2014, CityAds engineers created a breakthrough technological platform 2.0 significantly increasing its ability to drive and analyze traffic. The dynamically growing company attracted investors and strategic partners.

CityAds — growth leader


CityAds today is a technologically and financially stable company with competent developers, an experienced business team, successfully operating offices and representatives all around the world, except Antarctica.

CityAds cutting-edge tools and a huge database of publishers make it easy to find new customers and maximize earnings.

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