Banner rotator

Banner rotator is a tool designed to create ad blocks in a couple of simple steps. The rotator automatically displays banners depending on the audience. You may view the ad

medium, choose its size and placement, get the publishing code and engage optimization, if you need.

01   Data Management Platform Data comes from Data Management Platform
02   Dynamic Creative Optimization Selects the best banner elements combination
03   Live Product Base Online product prices and availability database
up to 250%
increase in conversion and improvement of the traffic supplied to the advertiser if compared to usual ad medium.

1. Retargeting

Our DMP collects, sorts, and stores data on behavior and interests of the users. Retargeting system uses this data

to display the products the user has looked at before or recommended products.


2. Automatic creative optimization system

DCO system automatically selects and displays the right combination of ad medium elements for the target

audience basing on statistical data.


3. Product rating

Thanks to comprehensive and structured LPB we create product ratings and teach the system to show ad

medium for the best converting items.

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