Live Product Base

Live Product Base (LPB) is a real-time database of products’ prices and availability. We receive and process information on millions of products from a wide range

of reliable sources: xml catalogues, HTML parsers, DMP and browser plugins.

We receive data on products from:
Retargeting code
Data processing
Products classified by category
Price and availability in real time
Dynamic bestsellers rating
Recommendation service
Automatic product matching
Up to 40%
of products are updated once a day
Up to 99%
accuracy for product availability and pricing data

1. Structured Data

We allocate all products to the unified category tree saving your time. In addition to description and price we save product features, availability, delivery terms,

and many other parameters depending on the product category.


2. Relevant Data

We keep the database up-to-date. We are the first to know about new products hitting the stores, we find bestsellers and track trends. Each product has

its own rating based on number of views and sales. The highest rated products have priority for updates. Top 10% bestsellers are updated hourly, top 30% - daily.


3. Smart Data

We have the Price Comparison technology in place allowing you to create your own websites and apps for online store operations. We have learned to find related

products basing on their features and purchasing data for millions of users.

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