E-mail Platform

We integrated E-mail Platform with other technology to enable you to personalize your offers and make them even more targeted.

Use Big Data technology to identify user preferences, segment your audience, and create unique content for your mailing offers.

Reach out to your target audience
Identification of the most relevant content in real time
Use the data on geographical location of the users
Optimize your messages for any gadget
Relevant content is created at the moment the letter is opened
Data comes from e-mail database
Up to 80%
increase in conversion if compared to the average value without retargeting
Up to 150%
increase in CTR if compared to the average value without retargeting

1. Trigger Messages

Triggers are activated at a specific event or action performed by your customers. Wish them happy birthday or congratulate them with registration at your web-site,

offering special deals and products. Using the data from DMP you can create trigger campaigns and boost their CTR.


2. Segmentation

Accurate targeting is an important issue. In addition to standard segmentation we offer you to segment the audience in

accordance with the retargeting data. This approach will help you increase conversion.


3. Message Generation

Save your time using WYSIWYG – just drag’n’drop your content from the menu to the message, and we will take care of HTML-code.

You may use ad medium developed for your offer and pick up product cards thanks to LPB data.


4. Regular Campaigns

Campaigns may be triggered when LPB is updated with products from specific category: new, sale, bestsellers.

You create such a campaign only once, make the settings you need, and get great financial results.

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