Data Management Platform

DMP System (Data Management Platform) collects and processes data from your web-site combining it with the data from other sources.

This is done to identify the key characteristics of your best customers and to enable you to reach this audience.


Data comes from:

Search data
CRM system
Your web-site
Third-party suppliers
Social media
Online advertising
01 The data is collected from all available online and offline sources
02 Scaling your data
03 Identifying and assessing your target audience

Use of Data Management Platform:

Understand your audience and boost your performance through efficient communication.

1. Data Collection

There are two types of data - first and third-party data. First-party data belongs to the brand/advertiser and such data is obtained from your web-site or CRM, while third-party data is received from external sources.

First-party data is an excellent way to get basic information about your visitors and the products they show interest to, while third-party data gives you deeper understanding of your audience.

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