Dynamic Creative Optimization

According to statistics the most part of web-site visitors walk away without making a purchase. Get you potential customers back offering the products that really interest them. Leverage on the Big Data opportunities

to determine the best type of advertising and to boost your sales. Our system will automatically find the best web-sites and the best time to show your store’s advertisement.

01 Irina, 23, college graduate.
Hobbies: travel, dancing
02 Andrey, 38, head of department.
Hobbies: cars, photography
He has a Mercedes purchased in 2011
  Data comes from Data Management Platform
Banners differ in content, design and special offers available
up to 60%
increase in conversion compared to average figures without retargeting
up to 850%
CTR increase is compared to average figures without retargeting

1. Pretargeting

Pretargeting is a tool allowing demonstrating ads only to the users that have shown some interest to an event or action, but haven’t visited the advertiser’s web-site.

Its difference from retargeting is that this mechanism serves to attract new customers, while retargeting returns those who have already visited the web-site.


2. Retargeting

Retargeting data may be useful for creative banner generation. Such banners show the products the users have viewed or similar products. Retargeting is your way to return customers to online stores, travel web-sites

(selling tours, airline and railway tickets, car rental), and financial institutions’ web-sites (banks, insurance, micro credits).


3. Mobile-friendly

CityAds shifted from outdated flash technology to new cross-platform HTML5 which allows creating banners that can be viewed on any device (including iPad and iPhone). HTML5 is perfect for dynamic product banners and even for complete registration forms integrated

into the banners. Audio and video can also be easily integrated right into the ad medium. Dynamic banners allow implementing any types of animation and adding a wide range of special effects facilitating a significant rise of CTR.


4. Content Split-Tests

Select the most efficient content and banner form which will bring you the highest conversion. In a split second automated split-testing will find the right mix of elements to increase CTR and boost sales. Tapping on complex statistical algorithms CityAds automatically

analyzes millions banners achieving the highest conversion rates. The system works non-stop determining the best ads and selecting the most efficient ad medium for various segments of the audience.

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