Control Panel

Control Panel is a unique set of tools allowing you to manage and analyze the data coming from CityAds platform.

It offers the best setup and tweaking flexibility for the maximum efficiency.

CityAds Platform allows publishers to select all the necessary tools and to tweak them as they like
02   Analytics You are in charge of your decisions

1. Convenience

We want to make information retrieval really simple and fast for our advertisers and publishers. That’s why our interface is, first of all, self-explanatory.

To understand how comfortable our interface really is we use metrics and rigorously monitor the use of various tools.


2. Reliability and performance

CityAds offers the newest and most beneficial tools to its partners. Our high-performing solutions

help publishers and advertisers solve the most challenging tasks.


3. Flexibility

We’ve created a really flexible platform – so it is easy to launch new tools and increase performance.



4. Security

We apply several identification levels to protect the accounts of our advertisers and publishers.


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