High quality analytics is the key to your success. Seamless integration with the system will save your time and efforts. Customizable reports with detailed

statistics and analytics and real-time ROI control over every traffic source put you in charge of your campaigns and offers.

The data is processed to generate reports
Data comes from:

1. User Interests

With DMP (Data Management Platform) you get analytics based on user interests to help you reach higher

targeting efficiency.


2. Geo targeting

Geo Targeting based reporting gives you data on user locations. For example, you can analyze results of a

campaign by region and create efficient targeting algorithms.


3. Demography

Demographic analysis is a good way to collect data and generate accurate recommendations to improve

traffic quality and campaign optimization.


4. Separating channels

A user can come a long way before making a purchase. In our detailed reports you can see separate traffic

channels and learn which ones are the best for you.


5. Traffic type prioritization

With this feature advertisers can increase their sales and publishers can choose the most efficient traffic

sources and tools to earn more.

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