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If you do not wish to see advertisements of products selected for you, please, click on the link below. This will allow you to refuse from providing your data through CityAds web-site. opt in/opt out Attention! Do not delete or disable Cookies in your browser to enable the CityAds system to identify you as a user who has refused to provide information. If you disable Cookies, no corresponding Cookirs will be installed. If you delete them, you will have to start the process again. If you have several devices, you must install corresponding Cookie on each of them. Note: installation of the Cookies marking your refusal to provide information will not prevent demonstration of Internet-ads in your browser altogether since it applies only to CityAds' ads.

Data Protection Rules.

CityAds Media (hereinafter – CityAds) renders services related to publishing online advertising using Real-Time Bidding (RTB) technology (hereinafter — the System) and provides to clients/advertisers(hereinafter – the Partners) access to the System designed to display ads to end users (hereinafter – the Users):

  • for the purposes of correct provision of services and display of ads to end users CityAds can collect some impersonal data related to the Users;

  • CityAds is interested in protection and providing maximum security to any User data. According to the above mentioned concepts CityAds determines and follows the following Data Protection Rules (hereinafter – the Rules).


The Rules are aimed at:

Explaining to the Users and Partner:

  • exactly what data the System can collect, how, and for what purposes;

  • how CityAds utilizes such data using the System;

  • how the User can exercise their right to prohibit to collect their data.


CityAds Web-site.

This Web Site is created and exists solely for the purposes of informing the Partners, potential Partners, and Users about CityAds Company, the System, and the principles of service rendering.

The Web Site is not intended for collecting any user data.

The following cases make exceptions from the above rule:

  • the User provides their contact data for the purposes of contacting such User in the future;

  • the System collects user data in the process of rendering online ad publishing and in the process of displaying such ads to the Users.

The System may collect some impersonal user data related to the Users as web-site visitors, such as:

  • browser language (for example, Russian);

  • the data about web-sites and pages visited by the Users, for example, URLs of the corresponding web-pages;

  • the data about displaying ads to the Users and about clicks on such ads.

The above mentioned data under no circumstances can be referred to as personal data defining a specific individual directly or indirectly, both if taken separately or together; so, CityAds does not process any personal data.

CityAds utilizes the data collected by the System solely for the purposes of service rendering through the System and for the purposes of efficient ads display to the end Users.


The process of data collection: Cookies.

Cookies are files containing a small amount of text data that are saved at the User devices (computers). At a request from the System (web-server) they transfer information about the User’s behavior in the Internet (visiting specific web-sites and viewing specific pages at such web-sites).

Cookies also serve the purpose of saving various User parameters; these are some identifiers allowing the System to identify such User. Also they serve the purpose of identification of the User in rating systems, counters and in targeting ad display.

The System Partners have the right t use their own databases which may contain personal User data. In such cases the personal data is used solely for the purposes of targeting the Partner’s own ad campaigns, and CityAds does not bear any liability for the usage of any data provided by the Users to the Partner by such Partner.


The purposes of using the collected data:

CityAds uses the data about the Users collected by the System only within the System and for the purposes of displaying ads to the end Users, namely:

  • CityAds uses the collected data to publish and display ads basing on specific targeting parameters (for example, type of OS installed at the User equipment; general content of the web0sites visited by the User);

  • basing on the data collected (impersonal data) CityAds conducts statistical and other research;

  • CityAds may provide the data about Users to third parties not for the purposes of rendering services within the System, but only in aggregated and impersonal format and only if such request is justified by applicable laws.

CityAds provides each User the right and opportunity to refuse from providing the System with statistical data by refusing to provide such data to the System through the Opt-Out function.

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