Key Benefits

1. Advanced technology

Classic affiliate marketing technology combined with highly efficient Big Data targeting. Our experts developed a unique traffic driving ecosystem working across two channels: marketing and remarketing. Join us and you will have access to the newest proprietary technology.

It will make driving traffic simple and easy. We offer you such solutions as Live Product Base, Recommendation System, Dynamic Creative Optimization, Data Management Platform, etc.


2. Best results

You only pay when you get what you need. CPA model in combination with the widest reach of the network and cutting-edge technology will give you the best

performance ever. You can optimize your budget and spend it only for the customers you need.


3. Widest reach

Reach out to new clients all over the world via your CPA campaigns. Our network features thousands international publishers, so you can work with any type of traffic coming from any country.

If you need a specific type of traffic or a specific geo targeting – we can set up such a campaign for you.


Big Data is a new word in online marketing. Data-driven marketing is applied to bring your conversion up and boost your sales. Your online business has

a great development potential – use Big Data and you will see it.

  01 Web Retargeting Drive up to 70% of your potential customers back to you website.
  02 E-mail Retargeting Use Citymailing Mailing Platform to send personalized messages.
  03 Recommendation System Recommender system helps you select right products for right audience.
  04 Dynamic Pricing You set the price for your products for each customer individually.

Engage your customers and drive value using our proprietary internal tools.


  01 Feeds Use simple constructor to create efficient landings, websites or website sections.
  02 Banner rotator Select ad materials best suiting the target audience of your web-resource and create your own banner rotator.
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